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Jacksonville Soffit & Fascia Repair

Soffit and fascia – residential or commercial applications – updates or repair damages

The purpose of soffit is to cover the roof trusses beneath the roof decking and is vented to help with proper air flow to the attic and the interior of your home.  It also helps protect your homes from pests, like bees, birds or rodents from nesting and destroying the roof and attic of your home. The soffit can be made of wood, vinyl or aluminum.

Soffit & Fascia Installation Jacksonville

The fascia is the vertical board, generally 6-8 inches that is on the outside edge of the roof.  The board is treated lumber that can be painted and or have an aluminum wrap to protect it from the elements. This fascia is what supports the roof and the gutters of your home.

Rotten wood fascia and soffit are not only unsightly on your homes exterior but also can also add to the deterioration of your home.  Let the professionals at Royal Contractors North Florida repair or replace the soffit and fascia on your home.  

Repair your old Soffit & Fascia

Wooden soffit and fascia can age and start to fail over time.  Updating your wood soffit to vinyl and wrapping the fascia with aluminum will freshen and update your home or business for years to come. The vinyl and aluminum products are colorfast, even in the Florida sun, so you won’t have to worry about repainting them and are easy to clean. 

Damages to your homes from hurricanes or Florida storms can be brutal.  The combination of wind and rain tearing at the exterior can leave our homes vulnerable to damage long after the storm passes. Soffit and fascia are integral parts of the exterior, to protect the interior of your home. We are happy to work with your roofer and or insurance company to be sure your home and property are properly restored and protected. 

Jacksonville’s #1 Soffit & Fascia Company!

Make sure your project is completed by the experienced professionals at Royal Contractors North Florida.  We have the flexibility to take care of a small repair or complete replacement of your soffit and fascia on commercial buildings or residential projects.  Call our office today for your free in-home consultation.

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